"But I miss the OLD MJQ..."

Live at the old MJQ. First CD release party. 02FEB96. Filmed by Ed P.

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DubKungFu at (the old) MJQ, Atlanta. 01-23-1996 by Gnosis on Mixcloud

Here’s an archival mix of dj Gnosis and Mr. Scarey on a Tuesday night at the original MJQ, underneath the Ponce Hotel in 1996. All poor mixing by Gnosis, then still learning from Scarey and Injex. On the other hand, he wasn’t the one who dropped in Steely Dan! Enjoy.

DubKungFu with dj Gnosis & Mr. Scarey. Tuesday, January 23rd, 1996.
Live at (the old) MJQ, Atlanta, Ga.

George, Dorothea.

photo by Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe

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